Tetyana Kononenko

Personnel Director «Brocard - Ukraine»

We cooperate with «Accord Consulting” company 6 years and satisfied with the work.

We have established long-term good relations, for the whole period of our cooperation consultants did not let us down even once.

Consultants accurately and clearly understand our job search experts: ask the right questions, help us understand the exactly who we want to, accurately identify subject areas – where to find the right candidate.
Works carried out efficiently and in time, those who selected us for the most part are working now.

Representatives of a company are very nice chat, the highest level of professionalism, intelligence and just fun.

An additional bonus of the cooperation – benchmarking. Consultants provide information of the situation on the labor market, tips for candidates and the formation of their salary.
We also ordered an assessment of our staff for personnel reserve, and the results confirmed completely.

Maria Tsyhotska

Director of travel company "Aerolax"

“Accord Consulting” company always carried out promptly and efficiently selection and evaluation of personnel for us.

I want to note the advantages of working with consultants; we had detailed assessment of staff, which allowed to make right management decisions;
Also, a special value risks presented forecasts for the future on key employees.

Alena Makarenko

Head of Human Resources "Plastics-Ukraine"

“Accord Consulting” company effectively helps us with recruitment. This year I visited the training of Galina Andrik “LAB-profile. Tools assessment and management”, which have only good impressions – a lot of practical material, effective tools those, are useful for HR manager and head of HR-department, and head of business. Everyone learned that important to them. After training one of the favorite tools was the metaprogram of motivation.

Thanks to Galina, I’m more than 3 years working in “Plastics.” Company coincided with my views, but I fully share the values ​​it.

I wish the “Accord” further development and prosperity!

Ireneush Derek

General Director "Plastics Ukraine"

We cooperate with “Accord Consulting” for a long time in the areas of recruitment and training. Thanks to the company’s employees to our team involved professionals of the required level. Also, get useful information from the analytical data on the state of the labor market, use consulting services. Often recommend “Accord Consulting” to our partners and friends.

With gratitude for effective cooperation,

Tetyana Prokopenko

Director «Coral Travel"

The result of our long-term cooperation with the “Accord Consulting” company is a large number of filled vacancies, including key positions.

The company has always fulfilled, their obligations and ensure a high level of communication.
I want to emphasize individual approach to our every request, regardless of the vacancy.

The team of «Accord Consulting” – a guarantee of professionalism, integrity, responsibility and success in any project.

Iryna Orda

HR – Director “Helen Marlen Group”

We worked with “Accord Consulting” on project for resource managers with leadership and business psychology.
Grateful to consultants of “Accord Consulting” for a comprehensive and high-quality cooperation.

For our company was created custom training programs, work which required a deep dive into the specifics luxury segment. Galina Andrik provided the partnership approach and the high quality of organized events. From our side we have a full understanding of the impact and application of a wide range of educational topics.